Performing On: Friday, 13 December At Cosmic Station - 19:30

Zhen Pang better known as DJ Zippy was a self-learnt DJ when he was only 20 years old. DJing started off as a passionate hobby as he enjoyed mixing and mashing songs together. 

His first gig was at a local nightclub in 2016, working alongside with renowned local DJs and have since thrived as a resident DJ for Singapore’s newest and largest nightclub, Marquee Singapore, where he has supported some of the many top international DJs & producers like Galantis, Carnage, Quintino to name a few. 

Zippy, the newest edition to the Marquee Singapore’s family, is known for his unconventional electronic dance music style which sets him apart from others. This has garnered him the attention from music lovers as his DJ sets has a balance of fresh and top 40s tunes. He is always eager to share his love for music every time he is on the deck.

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