Performing On: Sunday, 15 December At D'Empire - 21:00

ADELIA NATHALIE as known wes as DJ Nathalie started her career in music industry since 2006. Her styles of music are R&B, hiphop, and House. She also explores a range of sounds in her sets, including EDM and Classic disco. A DJ whose career is fast ascending, nathalie has mostly self-tought herself and got help from more musically advanced friends for DJ-ing skill.

Her career goes to the next level by collaborating with mannequin, A girlband under the management of bunda MAIA as the time went by, she formed a group with her friend, Icez Buzz - A Group Consisting of DJS, bassist and vocalist, Called playg. Nathalie has demonstrated her skills in her recently released single with CVX “Thuishaven,” a song she believes is a culmination of everything she has learned so far in her career.

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