Andreas Pradono or also known as MC Drwe started his career back in late 2005 with a Hip Hop label, Stylophonic. Years later, he joined 1945 Music Factory which was considered as one of the biggest label in Indonesia. The label consist with more than 50 Djs spread all over Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, London and Peru. Drwe has shared the stage with most of the first line up of local Indonesian DJs and International mega stars DJs such as Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Avicii, and Zedd. Surely those are just a few prominent acts to be named in his long list collaboration. Throughout the years, MC Drwe has heightened the dance scene with his unique, attractive and soulful performance. Whenever MC Drwe takes over the mic, he’ll bring new excitement. A continuous hype that could pump the crowds’ energy with uplifting floor filters through his vocals. His  passion does take him to a higher level not only within the dance scene but also towards the MC industry as a whole. 

In 2016, MC Drwe were behing the Mic for Heineken Champion The Match Winner Announcement. Enthusiast, casual, but very well in delivering his thoughts & materials were his signature style as the Master of Ceremony.The succeed event marks his expertise in handling formal and conceptualize event apart from being a party MC. MC Drwe was more than once to be given credits as formal moderator due to his such worthy skill in public speaking. Back then, he hosted some of the acclaimed and reputable event such as OPPO launching event and Sampoerna event. 

In May 2016, he is confirmed to join Ismaya Group talent management, Inspire Artistry. Until now, MC Drwe is still a part of 1945Music Factory, Paranoia HardrockFM, and Soul Menace Music Group.

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