Performing On: Saturday, 14 December At GarudaLand - 18:00

JOYO One of the most respected DJ in the industry. He began his professional career since 1997 and entrenched him self in fore front of the garage, soul house, down tempo, and deep jazz music scenes. As his career progressed, in early 2000, he found a new passion in the Deep House sounds and became a pioneer in its movements in the industry.

As the time has move on his sets now can be describe as soulful peak time house music where his music can works from small clubs till Big room clubs. Has been playing at the 1st time ever Defected In The House event in Indonesia at Bali Niksoma with Hardsoul, Copyright and Shovell. At the end his love for house music has lead him to performed on several big clubs and parties around Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Jogja, Kuala Lumpur and many more.

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