Since “Dat $tick”--the 73M plus viewed video that catapulted the 18-year-old into a Billboard charting artist--Brian Immanuel, better known for his moniker Rich Chigga, has proven over and over again that he’s a maven when it comes to breaking the internet.

Recently named Rolling Stone’s ”25 Under 25,” Rich Chigga, in just one year, has gone from ‘the kid with the pink polo shirt and a fanny pack’ to a respected artist and global influencer. From the legendary Ghostface Killah jumping on the official “Dat $tick Remix” to recent interviews with Nardwuar and Pharrell Williams, a little time has proven that “while it’s easy to dismiss Rich Chigga as a novelty, it’s hard to deny that he has skills.” (Complex)

His posse-cut, “Gospel” with Keith Ape and XXXTentacion was spotlighted on Spotify’s Most Necessary and it has generated over 60M total streams. Other standout tracks include “Seventeen,” “Who That Be,” and “Back At It,” as well as Diplo’s “Bankroll,” where Rich Chigga replaces Justin Bieber’s verse, alongside Rich The Kid and Young Thug.

He’s been profiled by The New Yorker, TIME and Playboy, and his Genius’ Verified video, where he annotated “Dat $tick” lyrics, is among the platform’s most viewed episodes.

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