Having developed a keen sense of music since his childhood, Leon always stands in the frontier of the trend. In the beginning, however, his personal style with a unique personality made him go through a difficult time in the commercial market. Leon made great efforts to seek a perfect combination between commercialization and his personal style. Years of efforts finally paid off – Leon’s musical ideas are gradually recognized by the guests, bosses and the insiders.

Leon is more adept at integrating a variety of different musical elements into the original music, and plays them to the fullest according to the atmosphere of the scene, thus bringing the atmosphere to the highest point. He is well acclaimed for his unique mixing skills and accurate control over the atmosphere.

In 2009, Leon was invited to perform in the Oriental Billboard; in 2013, he was invited to participate in and perform in the David Guetta Great Wall Music Festival; in 2014, he was invited to participate in and perform in the Armin Van Buuren Great Wall Music Festival. Besides, Leon was the first DJ in China who was invited to play in Ultra Korea 2014, the world No. 7 club – Zouk Singapore & the world No. 1 club – Space Ibiza and has gradually become the focus of the crowd while playing in various cities. In 2015, Leon was interviewed by DJ Mag with a full page on its first Chinese edition. More importantly, in the future, he will push music to a higher level.

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