DJ Dheewz or aslo know as Dheewzkuts start his carrier in early 2006 as hiphop group dj in bandung. Then  he interesting to Music producing and as Club DJ for more experiences which had a major influence on his taste for music, for the love of Black Music. His passion for music initiated from the time when he first heard the sounds of R&B, Soul and Rap & the essential beat roots of Hip Hop. Then his flavour for music stretched into the collaborating world of Urban and open format urban music.  Beside that he still keep practices for be the finest TURNTABLIST, Party Rockers and Exploring about music production.

Concentrating on major clubs in Indonesia, especially Bandung, Bali and Jakarta city, he’s also gone around Asia such as , 6th Bangsar Club KL Malaysia, Altimate Club Singapore & Inside Club Guangzhou China. Besides playing in clubs, dj dheewz also been participating in outdoor festivals. Many clubs and festivals has become the witness of his performances.

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